General Dentist 60540

New technology for dental x-rays means you are getting less radiation than with old x-rays.

Enamel on your teeth is the hardest tissue in your body because it's used for biting and chewing and grinding food.

Our dental hygienist is experienced in all type of dental procedures.

Poor dental health has been linked to all kinds of other health problems you might face.

We will be happy to turn your smile into the one you've always wanted.

You may have your wisdom teeth and don't even know it because they came in without any problems.

When you have a broken or chipped tooth call on our dental practice for emergency dental service.

If you want to prevent tooth decay in your kids, bring them in for a dental sealant treatment.

Broken teeth can have an exposed root and that can cause a tremendous amount of pain for you.

We use digital x-rays in our office that give you much less radiation.

If you have cracked or broken teeth, don't let them go for any period of time. Before you walk down the isle to get married, come in for a teeth cleaning treatment so you have beautiful white teeth for your wedding pictures.

If you brush your teeth when you think of it and only floss when you're going somewhere, you're probably a candidate for gum disease. You can improve your bit with dental braces so you don't have pain when you bite down.

Dental bonding enamel is made to match your teeth so it can be placed just about anywhere in your mouth. The reason most people are afraid of the dentist is because they had a bad experience with one as a child.

If brushing and flossing and using mouthwash don't stop bad breath, you need to have us take a closer look.

If the dentin on your teeth gets exposed it may be caused by dry mouth or acid reflux disease.

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